a man's words reveal, first, the man.

man, himself a created word in the image of this speaking God, sees everything in wonder, and speaks about that wonder in words.  

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i’ve been sitting here beneath the stars
listening as the cars pass by behind my room
wishing that this black sheet of sky was
the only thing keeping me from you

wondering if i’ve run too far, if it’s been too long
can i even come close to doing as many rights
as much as i’ve done wrong?

you will always be
the warmth of the sun
seeping through the trees,
the light in all of my best thoughts,
the painted colored patches
on the walls of my mind,
like a stained glass window
when the sun shines through.

and you will always be
the lull of the overnight train,
the firelight against the black,
the dancing candle,
the midnight sky, and the quiet
breathing of the rain.

you will always be
the waves that gently kiss
the shoreline of my most
treasured memories.

(you will always be the things
that mean the most to me)

It blows my mind that the God who makes the sky blue
and who makes the wind sing
and the grass sink in between my toes
is the same God I find
when the sky falls and the earth cracks
and I can’t feel the bottom of my feet anymore.

the night sky is a sheet of black
between us.

you love me from behind the stars.

will you put the moon in the sky tonight
so i can find my way home?

because sometimes i wonder if your love is
really strong enough to hold me where i am,

or if you’re ever close enough to feel me,

and if you can still see me
when i go places i don’t belong,

is your grace deep enough to find me?

i am the vine, you said.
remain in me, you said.

but there have been dry days
when parts of me have withered away
and shriveled under the heat of the sun,
as if a desert lay buried within my chest.

and i’ve been dying inside my skin
like an old, wrinkled man
who has nothing left to live for.

i am a dead branch.
i am the barren land.

but you have restored unto me
the joy of your salvation.
closer to me than a song
or the ocean.

sing me to sleep tonight.
wrap my ribs in a blanket
of stillness.

cover my lips with your finger
and let me feel the blood
pulse through your veins
while you whisper over me
with your love.